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Contact Information

If you have questions or requests, please email me at jons2 at pdphoto.org.

If you try to contact me -

1) If you need a hi-res version: I am slowly going back into the archives and making hi-res versions available for a small fee. The photos with such a version already will have a link on their detail page. If you need a hi-res file for a photo that doesn't have one yet, please let me know and I'll try to upload one. These versions are being hosted at SmugMug. Here is a direct link to my files there. Right now only a few of the images are available. The hi-res versions are usually the size that came out of the camera (Canon D60, 20D, or 50D) saved as max-quality jpegs, but some are cropped. You will see the actual size on the photo's page at SmugMug.

If you request a new hi-res version be made available, please make sure I know what photo you are talking about when you ask. The easiest way to do this is to just paste the URL of the photo's page in your email.

2) Please don't be upset if I don't respond. I get several emails every day from people telling me they love the pictures, or how they're using them for something cool. I used to try and answer all of these, but over the years it's just gotten to be something of a time sink. Especially since I found I was answering 90% of them with, "That's really cool. Thanks." I read all of the emails, and I certainly appreciate seeing what people are using the pictures for.

3) Please don't send me emails with attachments. Due to the risk of viruses and worms, I don't open such emails.

4) More and more I've been getting emails from people saying that they want to use an image commercially and that they need my explicit permission to do so, including signed forms and whatnot. Please stop asking. Public doamin means you don't need my permission. And if that's not good enough, then I guess you can't use it. The pictures have been used in magazines, newspapers, CDs, image collections, book covers, websites, business cards, software, T-shirts, logos, you name it. All without my explicit permission. I don't care if you use the photos. Seriously. Use them for whatever you want.