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Sunsets - 2003-10-12  
"Matrix Revolutions" kicked ass. We~~ll go see it again. Not as good as the first one, but better than just about anything else.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: sunsets
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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this sunset is really pretty i put it as the back ground on the computer at my house and its so beautifull pluse it reminds me of floridas sunset when i use to live there its perfect in every way so thank you for a cheerful time when i turn on my computer!
Posted by bessie at 6:18 PM EST on Jan 4th, '05

i use psp to make sigtags & stationary as gifts for people & myself:) thanks for the lovely art.i love it all. i'll probably even use it as screensavers too lol.
again a very big thanks!!!
Posted by Guardian_Angel_671 at 1:20 PM EST on Mar 28th, '05

i'm going to use it with sigtags & stationary.i make gifts for people with them & sometimes for myself lol. plus it may end up as a screensaver:) thanks for sharing. your phots are fantastic. wish mine looked this good lol

Posted by Guardian_Angel_671 at 2:04 PM EST on Mar 28th, '05

I'm going to use it for PSP sigtags and stationary. I like making people smile with wonderful pictures. Your's are awsome, they make me feel relaxed and adventous. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.
Posted by Archer Ahni at 12:48 AM EST on Sep 17th, '05

I'm going to use it as one of the pics on my site. It's such a beautiful picture.

Thank you for sharing your pictures. They are beautiful. We used your photo to adorn our conference website.
Posted by jola at 4:43 PM EST on Oct 5th, '05

I'm using this picure for my sisters background. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!

Beautiful pictures....thank you for making them free~ I use them for puzzels, on my screensaver and backgrounds, and emails, etc.
Posted by Karen at 8:33 AM EST on Oct 24th, '05

I am using this pic for a school powerpoint project. It is so gorgeous!
Posted by Chelle Wolf at 11:59 AM EST on Nov 3rd, '05

This pictures is awesome. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent. I use these photos for building inspirational powerpoints.
Posted by butterfly at 10:17 AM EST on Nov 12th, '05

hey just the picture i was looking for. going to use it for an inspiration for a fashion design project im doin. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing your picture. I will be using it as a watermark background on an invitation for my sisters wedding.
Posted by Shane-nah at 3:34 PM EST on Mar 3rd, '06

Hey, just thinking of using it as a backdrop watermark for my website, which isnt up yet, but if and when i get it up, i'll send ya the link.
beautiful picture!

absolutely gorgeous and am putting together a calendar. Thank you for sharing an amazing pic :)

I have been using your photoes ( which are beautiful) along with a Christian message to people I know all over the world every day along with scripture.Hoping and praying that God's Holy Spirit will lead them to Himself. The pictures surely shows God's beauty. Thanks
Posted by P. Richards at 8:54 PM EST on Jan 28th, '07

Looking into using this for tv color test project.

This photo is on the American Greetings website, and has their logo at the bottom. Who took this picture?
Posted by anonymous at 12:42 AM EST on Feb 23rd, '08

They grabbed a rather large number of my photos and are using them in various ways. I took all of them. Their copyright on my unedited photos bothers me in a legally actionable manner.