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Racetrack Playa - 2003-08-23  
The rocks do indeed slide across the ground, and it~~s the wind blowing through the canyon that makes them move.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: racetrack playa death valley moving rocks sliding stones
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This is a wonderful picture. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it also tells an almost unbelievable story... and it's a wonderful example of how beautiful deserts are even when there is almost nothing there. Congratulations!

For a little more info about this phenomenon see:

Used for report in Science class, Middle School project. Thanks
Posted by Max B at 3:44 PM EST on Feb 16th, '04

I might be able to use your picture in my research paper for geology class. Hope that is ok.
Beverly jones

Go for it. No problem.

i used a couple of pictures for a class website project. thanks a lot. they were all great shots.
Posted by derek at 9:50 PM EST on Mar 10th, '04

I offer daily on-line jigsaw puzzles for folks (mostly moms like me) to make (free of charge). Sometimes I add little inspirational messages to the photos and sometimes I leave them alone. Although a lot of the photos I use have been taken by myself, I love poking around for what others have done (your photos are wonderful and inspire me to go out and take my own!)

Anyways, that's what I plan to do with some of your pics.

Thanks for offering them for all to use!


I like that photo. Used it for the german version of wikipedia (the free encyclopedia): Death Valley National Park. - Thanks

Hey, I love your photo's, they're really good. I'm using them on my little brother's powerpoint assignment.
He has to do a thing about moving rocks and I'm intending on making an animated thing with your pictures with the rocks moving, if you'd like a copy, if they're any good you an email me on i_am_a_sexy_hippie@ hotmail.com (minus the space) to get copies :)
Thanks for saying people can use them!

God Bless you! i'm an italian graphic designer, and i've used this photos as graphic element in an indipendent (and free) comix and music-zine, let's have a look...there are some pics for free by Visual_Lab (our creative association

Used the picture in KidZone, a children's newspaper published in Mumbai, India. Thanks!
Posted by Supriya K at 8:28 AM EST on Mar 28th, '05


I'm including this image in the educational portal of Parana State/Brazil

This photo was selected as a Landscape Picture of the day at Landscape Wallpapers blog and is automatically set as wallpaper for the people today. Congatulations for the good shot!

I downloaded this wonderful image for my own personal enjoyment. I track all types of earth energy and I suspect that one day, someone with the credentials to be taken seriously will find that this mystery is a magnetic one....

I used your image for www.TinWiki.org for a image of the Dancing Rocks of the Racetrack Playa. But wind blowing them across the canyon? Research, research!

By the way, nice image. A natural mystery caught on photo!

Thanks. Great picture!!! I will use this in my website, www.myjoyfulmoments.org.

Actually it's NOT the wind by itself that makes the rocks move. ONe scientist kept continual cameras recording the rocks for two years and never actually saw one move or captured it on video, but this fellow claims to have. Judge for yourself. www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1hoiHvOeGc