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Old Faithful Geyser - 2003-06-22  
I got to hang out with the sweetie, see lots of cool thermal stuff, and get some great pictures.

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Keywords: old faithful geysers steam hydrothermal erupting
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Surfing for a photo of Old Faithful to send to some friends here in the States as well as Italy, Germany, and Estonia brought me to your site. This is a great photo. I'll definitely include your URL. Now I'm off to check out more of your work.
Posted by Stephen Baker at 10:04 AM EST on Nov 15th, '03

We almost skipped Old Faithful because of the huge crowds, but I think it was worth it.

Hi there !

I'm very enthousiastic about the quality and 'inspirational load' of your images. I'm very gratefull that I may use them for my website. next week it should be "on air".
You guys are more then welcome to visit it some time.

Thank you again, you made me a very happy person !

Ynco de Jong

Thank you for letting me use your pictures i need them for school and other webs would not let me have them
Posted by Ashley at 5:32 PM EST on May 9th, '05

Thanks for your photos. I was able to use one of Old Faithful for my daugher's 4th grade report. I am very grateful for your generosity.
Posted by Josue Najera at 1:02 AM EST on Jun 1st, '05

The picture of Old Faithful is beautiful. I printed one to use as part of the decorations for a Vacation Bible School room for 4 year olds. They will be learning about Yellowstone Park.
Posted by Barbara at 10:14 PM EST on Jul 6th, '05

I used this picture for a presentation for a school project in Geology. Thank You for sharing it's a wonderful picture
Posted by Teresa at 9:25 PM EST on Aug 20th, '05

Just looking around for a picture to show my kindergarten class. We are performing a type of Geyser science project, and wanted a real life picture to show. Absolutley Beautiful!! Thank You. My kids will be blessed and so amazed by God's magnificent artistry.
Posted by Sunday school teacher at 10:55 PM EST on Jul 8th, '08