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penny - 2003-03-13  
Some pennies.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: penny pennies coins copper
License: This image is public domain, because I took the picture and I've made it public domain. I don't care at all what you use this picture for. If you do use it, please consider linking back to this site. (Details)

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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What kind of peny is that?

That is VERY well shot! It would make a wonderful background...

I'm including this image in the Portal Dia-a-Dia Educa??o from Parana State/Brazil

Posted by Adalnice Passos Lima at 8:10 AM EST on Jul 19th, '05

I included this image in the presentation of my postgrado tesis about treasury management. Thanks for your kindness
Posted by Susana Venezuela at 11:21 AM EST on Aug 31st, '06

Great PIC.! I used it for my Science Fair Project on pennies.

I used this image for my photoshop class project.