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Waves - 2002-12-08  
Waves at La Jolla.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: waves crashing seals la Jolla
License: This image is public domain, because I took the picture and I've made it public domain. I don't care at all what you use this picture for. If you do use it, please consider linking back to this site. (Details)

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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picture for book poetry in words. love your pictures.
wish I could take close ups better with my digital camera. Like you I've had problems on line with hackers and the like. I'll leave my email later date.

A cool story about this is that there was a guy who tried to run to the end of the breakwater between was right after this. He got soaked.

We are using the picture in a 5th garde science fair as background for a tsunami experiment. Thanks so much for putting it in the public domain.


We are using the photo for a 6th grade science fair photo on waves & tides.
Posted by Andrea Blair at 11:16 AM EST on May 10th, '05

Using for PowerPoint background for choruses and scripture! Thanks, for capturing beauty in a photo!

hi i loved the photo am using it to potray a poetry of mine that i titlled as Lashing waves.
Thanks for the picture..its breathtaking

thanx for the pic i am using it for a presentation about being set free from prison life ....Jesus sets us free these are the things people miss out on in life.....
Posted by bradleigh@dea.org.za at 3:58 AM EST on Sep 28th, '05

We are using photo in San Diego this week November, thank you for the use
Posted by Lorie Kennedy at 5:41 PM EST on Oct 19th, '05

Used for Lulu book in progress. Thanks.
Posted by Todd Finley at 9:06 PM EST on Oct 30th, '05

Posted by rmrfstar at 5:45 PM EST on Nov 6th, '05

We used this picture for my son's science project about waves. Thanks for the beautiful photography.
Posted by t hill at 3:52 PM EST on Feb 12th, '06

oh my goosh this wave is a burst of energy! i absolutly love it!!!!! im using it for a Obstrtion Piece so thanx a lot!!!
Posted by Hayden at 9:11 PM EST on Mar 8th, '06

I used this wave for a project and i'm in 5th grade so it helped a lot

Thanks for the picture!! I am using it as a background for my science presentation about waves.
Posted by Karen at 1:33 PM EST on Mar 21st, '06

We (my class group) are using this picture for a project on waves.
Posted by Morgan at 6:38 PM EST on Apr 6th, '06

I used this picture for my groups project about waves thanjs for the lovely picture
Posted by kayle at 6:29 PM EST on May 10th, '06

This is a truly beautiful pic. thanku for letting me borrow it for my art class:)
Posted by Caito at 8:24 PM EST on May 24th, '06

Thanx a bunch!!!!!!!! I am so excited. I'm using your totally awesome picture to glue to my ceiling!!!
Posted by Marquet J. Lounar at 5:08 PM EST on Aug 21st, '06

You took the most wonderful picture of where I spentof my youth. You have touched this 50 year olds heart. You have kept those beautiful memories fresh. Thank you, Blessings, CDW

Your pictures are absolutely wonderful, and I can't thank you enough for making these accessible to everyone!! I've used a few of these as backgrounds for different church activities. Thanxx again!!
Posted by Ryan J at 8:04 AM EST on Apr 12th, '08

Dear Jon,

I've used your photo of waves at La Jolla on my blog about climate change adaptation. The article is here: http://carbon-based-ghg.blogspot.com/2008/06/ocean-temperatures-and-sea-level.htm
Many thanks for your generosity and eye.
All the best, Brian Thomas