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La Jolla Sunset - 2002-11-16  
Sunset at La Jolla Shores.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: sunsets la jolla beaches clouds purple
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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This Picture really captures the beauty of La Jolla shores. Whoever took this picture should keep up the grate work!
Posted by Megan Olsen at 9:30 AM EST on Jan 5th, '04

I used a 2"x8" color alteration of this image for a real estate flyer, advertising recent oceanfront home sales in La JOlla. It looks great, and i thank you for your generosity! Very rare to see public domain images. Being a photographer myself, it is hard to refuse $ for my art. I thank you again, and shame myself for not going out and getting a great shot on my own!
Check out our website... you may be thinking of buying or selling and want to search the San Diego MLS.
Peter Toner

Hi Thanks for the great images, its nice to see people with a generous spirit !! im using your shot for a sample brochure to show some clients in the hospitality industry.. Keep up the good work !!!!

I wnat to thank you for the picture. I have downloaded it to use on my site at later time.

Thanks. I want to use this as background for an
introductory PowerPoint slide for a talk I am giving
in Europe. I will acknowledge you as photographer.
Joe Goddard (jgoddard@ucsd.edu)
Posted by Joe Goddard at 3:51 AM EST on May 30th, '05

My brother and I are having a graduation party at La Jolla Shores, and I think this picture will be great on the invitations I'm trying to put together. Thanks for sharing its beauty!
Posted by M. Daniels at 1:31 AM EST on Jun 13th, '05

for a brochure for the City of San Diego
Posted by pamela at 4:43 PM EST on Jun 29th, '05

Thanks so much for this picture - we have some great sunsets and when we finally get our website up we'll let you have them. We're collecting photos for some inspirational quotes. Thank you

Thank you for the beautiful picture. I've used it in my blog with an inspirational quote. Click my website address above and it will take you to the page. I would have inserted a credit to you (the kind where you roll your cursor over it and it shows text) but I haven't learned how to do that yet. Anyway, thank you for sharing this picture with all of us.

Your generous spirit is so very much appreciated. I am always a little surprised and deeply grateful when others offer something without charge. God bless you. I used this photo here. I use some of your photos when my camera is out of batteries and I want some 'eye candy' for my blog. I ALWAYS link them back here to show my sincere appreciation. Did I mention THANK YOU!?

Ok! I come from Croatia- Adriatic cost. I need to finish one exercise to get diploma. And very much need good picture of sunset. If enyone of you has one, please send it to my e-mail; suljar@yahoo.com
Thanks a lott!!