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Butterfly - 2002-10-14  
A butterfly in Louisiana.

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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I do not have a website but have given my email address. I am an amature watercolor artist. I am always looking for studies to use as the basis of a painting and I like butterflies. Hence the look at this photo. It is great. I do not know how to save it to my computer and then print it out. That is what I do with my own digitals and then I use the paper copy as the study for my painting. But, I love this photo. Thanks for sharing it. Irene
Posted by Irtomlin@aol.com at 9:20 PM EST on Dec 22nd, '03

To save: Right click, choose save as, print as usual.

I love the butterfly drinking nectar. It was so special and just fit so perfect into my analogy that I wrote for a kids site. Thank you for offering it to the public.

Butterfly analogy

Kindest regards,

Good afternnoon,
We have discovered this picture on your website and we would like to use it for an advertising campaign for one of our client Migros (hypermarkets in France and Switzerland).
It will be an advertising campaign in favour of environment : encouraging the clients to re-use plastics bags.

This key visual will be Migros? plastics bags.
Posted by SERGE GALLARDO at 12:00 PM EST on Sep 9th, '04

Hi, thank you for kindly releasing your photos into the public domain! I'm using this photo as the background or basis for a little card thing for a friend.
Posted by Jono at 8:52 PM EST on Nov 8th, '04

Thank you for allowing this beautiful picture to be copied. I am teaching my 3 yr. old great grandson about all animals, in particular the flying type. This is perfect. Thank you again.
Posted by animal lover at 10:14 AM EST on Aug 9th, '05


Thank you for your beautiful gift to the public domain. I have used this picture on the contact page of my website and have made mention of your site in the acknowledgement page. Once again thank you.

I would like use your butterfly to make note cards and postcards. You do nice work, this will be an inspiration for many.

Thank you!

Used in worksheet to learn to write (public domain):


I copied your beautiful butterfly to my site to be used in an article on butterflies in a newspaper for Caribbean children. I reside in Trinidad. Thanks for your big-heartedness and generosity.
Posted by Eugenia Springer at 11:03 AM EST on Jan 30th, '06

Thanks for beautiful picture. May use it in powerpoint presentation on wonders of creation for youth group.
Posted by Robin at 1:44 PM EST on Feb 14th, '06

Thanks! I am going to make small poster prints.
Posted by JoArtee at 10:16 AM EST on Feb 25th, '06

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this picture. I am a songwriter who wrote a song for a friend that just lost her son. I plan on creating a personal memorial video for her and this picture is PERFECT. THANK YOU SO MUCH and God Bless

thank you a lot i will use it in my web site/ideacreamanuela- esnips
Posted by anonymous at 8:48 AM EST on Sep 14th, '07

Possible inclusion in book of poems to be self published.
Posted by Glenda Y at 1:16 PM EST on Oct 16th, '07