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Flamingo - 2002-10-05  
A baby flamingo at the wild animal park.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: baby flamingo feathers
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I have discovered your photos on the website of
photo from
Flamingo baby
I would like to download these pictures
I with your kind permission - of course giving the origin - in my non profit solution, in my work, the Birdfriedlexicon which will come out in Hungarian. I think it will not cause any damage for you, but it will have the advantage that the Hungarian readers can see into your activity of high standard and I think many will visit your website.
Hoping in your positive answer I wish everything good
Best regards,
Tibor Lengyel
Tin?di u. 5.

Posted by Tibor Lengyel at 9:57 PM EST on Sep 6th, '06