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Strandhill - 2002-06-17  
A Rainbow over Knocknara.

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Camera: Canon D60, Not recorded, Lens: Not recorded, Not recorded, Not recorded, ISO Not recorded
Keywords: strandhill rainbows clouds knoicknara
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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This rainbow is exceptional. You don't know how exceptional. A while back I spent days looking for a Good Rainbow picture. Even the pay sites didn't have anything useful. I finally got one over at sxc.hu but it wasn't half as nice as this. Thanks for posting these lovely photos. For your info, I think it was crummy of those guys to put out a CD where most of the pictures were taken by you, even if it was legal.
Posted by S Leurquin at 5:25 PM EST on Jul 27th, '04

I got this from Kate.net's March calendar and have it as my pc wallpaper, it's so beautiful. Thank you for letting us use these lovely pix!
Posted by Harmony at 12:32 PM EST on Mar 6th, '06

Just beautiful !,Thankyou so much for letting all us web surfers use your pics.I do composites and blends of different pictures and use yours a lot.
...thanks again...Sue


You Will See All Your Background Photos Here . I Do creations On Backgrouds. You will Be amazed at what You see . sign My guest Book And Let Me Know what You think
Posted by Peggy Viator at 5:26 PM EST on Mar 29th, '06

I will be using some of your work in my photoshop class for school. Thanks for the great photos.
Posted by Sherie at 9:51 AM EST on Aug 22nd, '06

Fantastic image, uploaded it to the Sligo article of wikitravel.org.
Posted by Jake at 2:06 PM EST on Dec 6th, '06

Thanks again for the lovely photo. I will use it as a background with message of encouragement to be sent to my friend. Cheers!
Posted by ladylassie at 6:48 PM EST on May 8th, '07

I love this photo, It's Gorgeous!

I needed a couple photos for backgrounds on a 'Earth Friendly' profile card (like a business card, only smaller and nicer) I was creating.

My original graphic needed a very natural background to go with it, and I do not have either a camera, or anywhere as lovely as this local to me, and I have no scans of my pastel landscapes and needed something quickly... I used your other photo as that background, and this one on the other side of the card with a cloudy Earth Friendly slogan added.
Your two photos are gorgeous.. Thank-you.

I also made the product available for purchase by others, If you'd like to see them, click my name.
Live Earth Friendly Profile Card

Thank-you very much for making these available.