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Butterflies - 2004-03-21  
Winter in San Diego.

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Camera: Canon D60, Lens: Canon 28-135mm IS
Keywords: butterfly butterflies insects
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Thanks so much! We're using this butterfly photo to illustrate an online article about planting a garden that will attract butterflies. This picture is perfect! Visit the article at:

Thanks again! We are also using the photo during April 2005 on our gardening portal page:

Many thanks! This looks like a Painted Lady Butterfly on our native Lilac plant known as Ceanothus. I hope to use this in our Conservancy's Newsletter to show how planting Calif. Lilac supports our native wildlife. Thanks again!

Nice! I'm using it as a photo to complement one of my writings on my blog! Thanks!

Beautiful, and thanks for sharing. I plan on using it on my web site just to enhance the home page.

Thanks for the photo, I put it on my wall. :)
Posted by cool girl at 2:37 PM EST on Mar 28th, '06

Thank you! I'll use the photo tomorrow to talk to 3- and 4-year-olds about the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!
Posted by Sheila at 12:26 AM EST on Mar 30th, '06

Thankyou a thousand times, this probably the best Photograph of myy whole collection, I;m gonna Put it on wall with a thought, I'll also put it on My Space. Thanks again.
Posted by Angel_of_happyness at 10:13 PM EST on Aug 25th, '06

My search ended when I saw this beautiful photo. Thank you so much for sharing your talent! It now resides on my home page at www.bluemellow.com, my online shop for clothing & accessories at really great prices. If you get a chance, please drop by and say hello! As Angel said above, thank you a thousand times over!! :)

Absolutely beautiful color and composition. I am painting it with watercolor for a student project. Thank you.
Posted by Sunny at 4:39 PM EST on Jan 28th, '07

Posted here
as an introduction to pdphoto.org.

Thanks again for your lovely photos.
Posted by musing graze at 3:10 AM EST on Feb 4th, '07

Thank you very much for your very lovely photos. I'll use it as a background. I am glad there are people like you ready to share their work unselfishly. Now I know a website to go to anytime I need pictures to keep me busy at home. More power to you!
Posted by Ladylassie at 4:18 AM EST on May 7th, '07

Thank you for the lovely photos. If the paintings come out and I use them I'll make a donation as they are absolutely beautiful and just what I was praying for!
Thank you so very much!
Posted by Del Vecchio at 12:27 PM EST on Sep 19th, '07

I'm using it as a photo to complement one of my writings on my blog! Thanks for your lovely photos.

Gabriella Proja

Roma, Italy

Thanks for such generosity in sharing your photos with all of us to continue sharing so that many more may enjoy your beautiful work!

I illustrated a quote from the Dalai Lama with this picture, to remind me to "treat everyone, even your enemies, like you would a butterfly, with kindness and compassion, and you will have no regrets."
Posted by Rachel at 4:02 PM EST on Mar 26th, '08