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Flower Still Life - 2004-05-28  
Some flowers from my balcony.

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Camera: Canon D60, Lens: Canon 28-135mm IS
Keywords: flowers
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Perfect for a class I teach Oil Painting to ......Great clarity of color ...great camera work
Jerry C

This is a perfect still life for my upcoming project in a university art class. We must choose a still life and use it as a model for creating a relief print. THANKS!!
Posted by Heather at 12:52 PM EST on Oct 26th, '04

i used this for my gsce piece thanks it was perfect, an amazing piece of photography!!
Posted by Flick at 4:46 AM EST on Feb 2nd, '05

I used this beautiful image to make a jigsaw puzzle via BrainsBreaker software. Thanks!
Posted by azellia at 7:34 PM EST on Mar 27th, '05

thanks this picture was great for my art homework, only problem is ive got to try and draw it now, wish me luck
Posted by brunette-bimbo at 12:31 PM EST on Sep 23rd, '05

I love the contrast of the faded roses and the bright yellow flowers and apple. This will be the daily jigsaws at jigcardgallery.com on February 10, 2006. Thanks!

hi! just put this up for as my wallpaper...just can't resist. Thanks!
Posted by k treisp at 8:16 AM EST on Nov 22nd, '06

i used this image for photography at work thanks its a great image i got lots of inspiration
Posted by callum at 10:30 AM EST on Oct 11th, '07

Very beautiful photo!! I will use this for my blog. I wrote about my business ideas today ,and this photo will be the symbol for it!!
Thank you !!

Posted by stellato at 10:54 AM EST on Jul 11th, '08