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Daisy With Raindrops - 2004-06-13  
One of the flowers out on my balcony

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Camera: Canon D60, Lens: Canon 28-135mm IS
Keywords: flowers dew daisies daisy yellow
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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God, you take good pictures. I probably see things in a similar way that you do and that is why I apreciate your photography so much. Veiwing your photgraphs makes me high on life!
Posted by tawa at 2:14 AM EST on Feb 7th, '05

Thanks so much for sharing your photographs. I especially like the wild life and flowers. They are magnificent. They will only be used for my pleasure as desk top wall paper or puzzels on my PC.

pretty! I will put it on my website somehow, shrunken to a quick download tho.

I love this pic. I am going to brighten up a nursing station bulletin board with your very beautiful, bright and cheery photo. Thank you so much!
Posted by Martha at 1:03 PM EST on May 27th, '05

Merci pour cette superbe Marguerite !
J'ai utilis? cette photo pour un petit montage :

Use this for my template just a presentation. I got your website in my link . Youre the best.

This one is being framed for my soon-to-be baby girl's bedroom wall. Beautiful.

just beautiful- perfect for cards