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Green Sweat Bee - 2004-08-14  
Iridescent Green Sweat Bee in Del Mar.

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Keywords: Iridescent Green Sweat Bees
License: This image is public domain, because I took the picture and I've made it public domain. I don't care at all what you use this picture for. If you do use it, please consider linking back to this site. (Details)

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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We plan to use this photo for a graphic for one of our products. Thanks for the use and the great photos.

My daughter would like to use your bee picture for her Pre-K animal poster project. She wanted to do her poster on bees. It's a beautiful picture.

we will be using this image in an instructional handout on Bee Biology for the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Reference Department,
Shields Library, UC Davis.

as a nonprofit, we're creating some interpretive signs that are typically viewed by around 120,000 people a summer. this particular sign will discuss pollination, i can't imagine a more fitting image. thanks for making this great image available to nonprofits for use! it's spectacular!

Fantastic picture. I need a bee image as an element for a collaged image for a tintype, I hope you will like what I do with it!

Currently being used as a background on the puter...
Between your delicious recipes (dont forget the request for cornbeef and cabbage or irish stew )
and the photos, I am kept quite busy these days.

Posted by coqui at 8:03 AM EST on Mar 2nd, '06

Great picture! I'm using it in my seminar on my prairie bee research.
Posted by Becky A at 4:16 PM EST on Mar 28th, '06

Thank you for the beautiful picture. I am doing a biology project on bees of all kinds. I have to give a power point presentation April 20, 2006 and this will be a wonderful addition.
Posted by Colleen Zahs at 11:13 PM EST on Apr 6th, '06

I'm an interpretive naturalist with a county parks organization, and this awesome photo will be incorporated into a public program about the importance of native bees. THANK YOU for this great site and great pics!

Great pic! Used it in a 'surreal' project called The Impatient Sam.


Wonderful picture! I would like to use it in the popular science book I am writing.

Dear Jon, great bee pic!! Will use it for a textbook, thanks! Find your PD idea very encouraging