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Bees Collecting Pollen - 2004-08-14  
A bee at the Del Mar fairgrounds.

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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Thanks for the 2 photos I have used - both are incredibly detailed. I cannot do them justice, due to file size limitations, but they still look great.


Thank you!
Posted by Toytoy at 1:12 PM EST on May 12th, '05

I'm so happy to have found your lovely bee! Thanks for posting this picture in the Internet for public use! I needed a bee for a little slideshow in a homoeopath's site. Go have a look!

I'm including this picture in the Educational Portal of Parana State/Brazil

I was looking for a picture to illustrate our vocabulary word of the day....pollen. This is all I need! Thanks.
Posted by Teacher at 11:39 PM EST on Feb 7th, '06

Plan to use your photo in a corporate newsletter story on health and allergies. Many thanks!
Posted by Spencer Thomas at 11:22 AM EST on Feb 23rd, '06

Dear Jon,
thank you very much for this picture. We used it as illustrative photo to the small article about bees in environmental newspaper magazine called EkoList, based in Prague, Czech Rep (Europe :-). Your pictures are great, I guess we come back ... Good luck!
Posted by Jan Stejskal, EkoList at 7:25 AM EST on Mar 9th, '06

You are wonderful for sharing! This will be a great picture to use when I teach how God planned a bee's job of pollination.
Posted by Teacher at 6:19 PM EST on Mar 18th, '06

What a great photo of pollen clinging to a bee!! This is perfect for my Entomology term paper! Thanks for the great work!!! :-D
Posted by Cornell Dude at 10:33 PM EST on Apr 11th, '06

I used a crop of your beautiful picture on my blog, with the text:

Albert EINSTEIN once reminded us that if bees were to disappear, mankind would have only a few years to live. Now:

?Pollinating insects are indispensable to the reproduction of the 80% of terrestrial vegetation represented by flowering plants that produce seeds: flying from flower to flower to gather pollen (the male fertilizing material), they transport it to the stigma of a female flower, allowing fertilization to occur. For several years now, scientists have thought that this free service nature has offered the last 140 million years is being threatened by the decrease in biodiversity. [?] By studying different areas of Great Britain and the Netherlands, scientists observed that wild bees have paid the heaviest toll, with a 52% reduction in their diversity with respect to their situation in 1980 in Great Britain and a 67% reduction in the Netherlands.? ?Christiane GALUS, The number and Variety of Pollinating Insects in Europe Are Diminishing Signicantly (translation), Le Monde (July 22, 2006).

[Photo: A bee at the Del Mar fairgrounds by Jon Sullivan] (my cropping).

>>>There is a link back to this page. THANK YOU!

Thank you, Jon. Your photo was incredibly beautiful and so full of detail. It was a perfect picture to show my children how bees pollinate. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with all of us.
Posted by Homeschool at 6:31 PM EST on Sep 5th, '06

Dear Jon, thank you for sharing your foto: bees collecting polls. Ich used it for a privat presentation in "Stiftung Weltkulturerbe der Weisheitslehren" in english: "heritage of the teachings of Wisdom" as an illustration to an Old Agyptian Hymnus to the One - "Amun - Re".
Posted by Mechthild_Germany at 2:46 PM EST on Nov 22nd, '06

I'm making some posters for the Wikipedia store, and this image would be bloody great -- do you have a higher-resolution version?

Thank you for an excellent high definition photograph - I have used it on my pages.

I'm putting together an educational display about bees and wasps for the Master Gardener Conference here. Your picture is wonderful. Thank you
Posted by Connie at 10:49 AM EST on Feb 12th, '07

thanks for the pic i got an A+ on my 6th grade project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant wait till i get another pic from u guys/girls
Posted by a 6th grader at 11:13 PM EST on Mar 6th, '07

Thank you for allowing us to use this stunning photograph to illustrate our piece on bees in the Summer 2007 Issue.

Thank you so much for this wonderful picture and for the inspiration! It's the kind of picture I hope to be able to take one day...I used this one for an article on honey in the November 2007 edition of 'Golden News', the Golden Door Spa in Puerto Rico newsletter. You may see it during the month of November at http://lascasitasvillage.com/golden_door_spa/golden_door_spa.cfm.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to use it.

thank?s, I used it on my daughters work at PK, all the kids were happy!!
It?s great!!
Posted by pattypontoya at 12:58 PM EST on Nov 4th, '07

I did use your photo with the bee collecting pollen, I am a beekeeper from Crete (Greece) and I like your work!!!
I will keep in contact, Thanks!!!