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Solstice Fire - 2004-06-19  
The solstice fire in Montana.

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Keywords: campfires flames
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Your work is beautiful. I Have used this and several other of your photos as backgrounds for the free e-cards I offer my guests and patrons. Thank you very much for your generosity . Come visit our website any time.

I love this photo. I used it in a powerpoint sermon for a class that I am taking. Thanks so much; it illustrated exactly what I wanted for the sermon.
Posted by Jamie McMillan at 8:32 PM EST on Mar 21st, '06

Another great shot! I'll credit and link to your site in my blog on Wed., Dec. 27.
Mary Fairchild
About Christianity

Thank you. I am using this for my myspace song pictures. You're pictures are brilliant. And I will give full credit to you as soon as I post them.