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Fractal Broccoli - 2004-08-21  
Romanesco broccoli

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Keywords: Romanesco broccoli fractals
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Great photo. I used it to illustrate the article on fractals on Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractal). Thanks

The photo (with some digital retouching) is now a featured image on Wikipedia.

Would like to use it in a Photoshop Elements 3.0 book as an great example of levels in a histogram
Posted by Barbara at 4:22 PM EST on Oct 19th, '04

Used it in an English paper about fractals. Thanks!

This is a WONDERFUL example of fractals found in nature! I am currently working on a website about fractals and will use this picture on one of the web pages. If you're interested in seeing the website, I will have it completed by Dec 15th 2004! Thanks for the pic, I feel like I have found the mother-load!

Hi! This is great, and so rare!! I will use this photo in one of the pieces for my grad thesis art show - my work is synesthetic biomorphic drawings scanned into photoshop and merged w/examples of re-occuring forms and patterns in nature, hubble telscope, micrscopy, fractals, body, biology etc. It's like a visual proving of unity... I always have a such a time finding stuff I can actually use.. search for website w/Optymystic in about a year...THANKS!!
Posted by OPTYMYSTIC at 4:39 PM EST on Dec 4th, '04

Used it as an example of semi-fractals in the wild nature. You know, a real fractal doesn't exist; there's always a limit when maximising things ;)
Posted by Isaac at 5:59 AM EST on Feb 5th, '05

I used this picture for the food of the week at my site.

This picture has been contributed to the WikiMedia Commons, have a look here:

I think it's the retouched version earlier uploaded to the english wikipedia.

Feel free to add any information you feel fit to the description of the image.

Great picture, thanks!

This picture is a fantastic picture I am using in my paper Patterns in the Heavens: A Chaotic Look at Nature. This is for my research methods class. Thanks
Posted by Micah Mangione at 11:46 AM EST on Apr 12th, '05

Great Photo... we used the photo for my daughters health project that she is doing on fruits and vegetables. This is a beautiful veg.
Posted by Cindy at 9:22 PM EST on Apr 19th, '05

This picture is tight. Im doing a project on fractals in geometry and we needed to get natural fractals. So im using this one. Thanks babe. <3
Posted by Natasha <3 at 9:24 PM EST on May 29th, '05

Amazing picture. I want to use it in one of the new flyers for something I help to run called Cafe Scientifique Leicester in the UK. We like having eye-grabbing art with a scientific aspect on our flyers- you can see previous flyers on our website (at www.cafescientifiqueleicester.com/flyers), and this one will go on there too if that's ok.

I found your amazing photo on Wikipedia and have used it on my website (a work in progress). It is the picture for the lead-in to the fractal pages. Just click the "FUN STUFF" link in the main menu!

Many thanks!

Thank you for the beautiful picture. I used it to illustrate my work on method of social investigation starting from fractais.
Posted by Beatriz Almeida at 6:40 PM EST on Sep 9th, '05

I am just in awe of the beauty of this mathematical vegetable. That tiny touch of brown reminds us of the mortality of all life forms. They taste good too.
Posted by Kornii at 3:41 PM EST on Oct 10th, '05

that doesnt look like a broccoli to me

that doesnt look like a broccoli to me

I plan to use it for a demonstration of fractals in nature to high-school kids. The image will be used in print. (Lets hope it happens!)

Hi. Great photo. I am using it for mathematics power point project for the college of education at UH.
Posted by Tamika at 10:29 PM EST on Nov 4th, '05

On a recent episode of NUMB3RS, which I love, it was served to the Matematician guy, and he commented on Fractals, in Math.
I had to see a better picture, (the clip on the show was very short) and chose yours, as the best representation.
I sent a copy to my husband, who watches a lot of cooking shows, to find out if this particular vegetable has ever been featured in a cooking show.
Now I am going to go find some at the grocery store and bring it home to cook, and eat, to find out what it taste like.
If it is as good as regular broccoli, I'll be pleased.
Posted by Lynxzie at 9:47 PM EST on Jan 1st, '06

supernatural flower, I am use it for kid book illustrated

Great picture! i used it on my blog linking back your site. Thank you

Nice picture. I might use it to illustrate fractals in a book on randomness, to be published next year. If so, I will mention your name and website. Thanks.
Posted by N. Gauvrit at 3:44 AM EST on Mar 15th, '07

Thanks for the picture. I'm using it for a informative speach on fractals, nature, and the golden-ratio.

Wonderful picture. I used it as an illistration for a story i posted on my website about romanesco, which can be viewed here: http://digestivepress.wordpress.com/2008/04/18/tim-and-the-vegetables

p.s. thanks very much