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Yosemite Meadows - 2004-09-04  
Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

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Camera: Canon D60, Lens: Canon 28-135mm IS
Keywords: halfdome yosemite cliffs
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This work is in the Public Domain.
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Hi, Im no expert in fact Im new to photography in a semi-serious way but I really like this shot the colours are fantastic. Im travelling next year to Yosemite which Im looking forward to immensly.
Tell me what filter did you use for this shot?

Posted by Greg Mooney at 11:12 AM EST on Sep 8th, '04

Circular polorizer.

Image used in a school project as a powerpoint background. The project is a business proposal for a non-profit nature conservation organization.
Posted by anonymous at 8:32 PM EST on May 5th, '05

I'm a grad student at UC Berkeley and am working to put on a conference next month on Environmental Public Policy in California. We're having it in a very bland room and I wanted to post come photos of California's environment. Any chance that I could use one of your Yosemite shots and blow it up?
Posted by Andrea Murphy at 3:55 PM EST on Jan 27th, '06

I just want to say thanks for your work and your giving heart. I will get some pictures in the future and will definitely make a donation.