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San Francisco Skyline - 2005-03-26  
San Francisco Skyline seen from across the bay.

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Camera: Canon 20D, Lens: Canon 28-135mm IS
Keywords: San Francisco Skylines night lights
License: This image is public domain, because I took the picture and I've made it public domain. I don't care at all what you use this picture for. If you do use it, please consider linking back to this site. (Details)

This work is dedicated to the Public Domain. For non-US use it is also placed under a Creative Commons CC0 designation.
This work is in the Public Domain.
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I'm using this and the Golden Gate bridge photos for small pics on my San Francisco flamenco magazine website. This is a great service. Thanks for the public domain photos.

I am using this photo for my geography class. We need to build a website for a particular city/state and show images reflecting various elements such as culture, topography, and recreational resources.

I plan on using the pic in a website for a story I'm writing with a friend. The story takes place in San Francisco.

We may be using this photo for a web announcement to our members of an upcoming member meeting at a professional conference in SF. Thank you so much for making this and your other work available. We are a non-profit org that supports engineering and science logistics for the geophysics community.
Posted by Jennifer at 5:59 PM EST on Nov 2nd, '05

I am using this photo as part of a digital art piece in a contest on www.worth1000.com
Posted by Chrysophylax at 11:36 PM EST on Nov 13th, '05

To be used on aerial advertising website. Thanks!

I?m using this beautiful image in my flog to be ready to go there on holidays!!
Thanks a lot, it makes me dreaming about the city:)

I am using this amazing image for a online brochure about an upcoming conference to San Francisco. Thanks for contributing to the public!

I am plannig to use this photo for the cover of a convention
Posted by cherrell at 12:33 PM EST on Apr 3rd, '06

Hi! I am going to use this picture in a project I am doing with a new youth-club on this tiny island where we live. The kids are going to paint it themselves on the walls in the "disco"-part of the club, I am teaching them how. It is a perfect image for what we need, thank you for letting us use it!
Posted by design assist, norway at 5:04 PM EST on Apr 5th, '06

Love this picture of the San Francisco Skyline. Plan on using it in our Branding Matters Blog.

Thank You for the great pictures.

I love this pic! We want to use it on our job portal on our about page.

great photo!!! im using this photo as a background on myspace. I love San Francisco!!! thanx!

I am working on a website for the Community Art Center on Leavenworth in SF and plan on using this pic on it. I'll be including the info about the pic as well as the url. Thanks!
Posted by Matthew Stohler at 11:45 AM EST on Mar 15th, '07

Hey man, awesome pic. I'm just gonna be using it for my youtube background. The work's simply beautiful.

Great photo! Need something for a possible mystery cover. If I use anything from here, I'll sure be in touch. Thanks!

Such a beautiful photo! I will be using this in my online journal. Thank you for making it available to all of us.

I love SF. This pic is going to be my wallpaper.
thanks a lot.
Posted by silvia at 6:40 PM EST on Dec 13th, '07

im gonnas use t as my myspace bg.. tytyty

I love this picture!!! I went to San Francisco when i was in 6th gr. but haven't been back since, but this reminds me so much of it!!!
Posted by Jennifer Banda at 4:15 PM EST on May 16th, '08

Hi, I'd like to use this image to help me make a backdrop for a musical number. I was wondering if I might be able to get the full resolution version to edit off of instead of a reduced web size. Thanks so much! You can email me at ckateff (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I can give you some more detail about the project.

I just read your FAQ about getting high res versions. Sorry to be annoying.

I am using this to promote a conference in San Francisco. Thank you very much for allowing me to use it.
Posted by Michelle at 3:47 PM EST on Aug 21st, '08